When touring a home, it is good to know what will be included in the sale and what must be written into the contract to be conveyed in the sale. Anything physically attached to the home or property is a fixture and will be conveyed in the sale. A good rule of thumb is if you need a tool to remove something, it is a fixture. However, there are some exceptions such as garage door openers and drapery rods that are considered fixtures. Anything else in the home is considered Personal Property and must be written into the contract to be conveyed in the sale. Some common items that are written into the contract as Personal Property to be conveyed in the sale are Refrigerators, Washer/Dryers, and Boat Lifts.


Below is a list of all items defined as a Fixture in the standard Offer to Purchase Contract 2-T as of 6/15/2022.


  • Alarm and security systems (attached) for security, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other toxins with all related access codes, sensors, cameras, dedicated monitors, hard drives, video recorders, power supplies and cables; doorbells/chimes
  • All stoves/ranges/ovens; built-in appliances; attached microwave oven; vent hood
  • Antennas; satellite dishes and receivers
  • Basketball goals and play equipment (permanently attached or in-ground)
  • Ceiling and wall-attached fans; light fixtures (including existing bulbs)
  • Fireplace insert; gas logs or starters; attached fireplace screens; wood or coal stoves
  • Floor coverings (attached)
  • Fuel tank(s) whether attached or buried and including any contents that have not been used, removed or resold to the fuel provider as of Settlement. NOTE: Seller's use, removal or resale of fuel in any fuel tank is subject to Seller's obligation under Paragraph 8(c) to provide working, existing utilities through the earlier of Closing or possession by Buyer. NOTE: State law provides that it is unlawful for any person, other than the supplier or the owner of a fuel supply tank, to disconnect, interrupt or fill the supply tank with liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas or propane) without the consent of the supplier.
  • Garage door openers
  • Generators that are permanently wired
  • Invisible fencing with power supply
  • Landscape and outdoor trees and plants (except in moveable containers); raised garden; landscape and foundation lighting; outdoor sound systems; permanent irrigation systems; rain barrels; landscape water features; address markers
  • Mailboxes; mounted package and newspaper receptacles
  • Mirrors attached to walls, ceilings, cabinets or doors; all bathroom wall mirrors
  • Storage shed; utility building
  • Swimming pool (excluding inflatable); spa; hot tub
  • Solar electric and solar water heating systems
  • Sump-pumps, radon fans and crawl space ventilators; dehumidifiers that are permanently wired
  • Surface-mounting brackets for television and speakers; recess-mounted speakers; mounted intercom system
  • Thermostats
  • Water supply equipment, including filters, conditioning and softener systems; re-circulating pumps; well pumps and tanks
  • Window/Door blinds and shades, curtain and drapery rods and brackets, door and window screens and combination doors, awnings and storm windows

If you have any questions on what is a Fixture vs Personal Property, reach out to your C21 DiGioia Realty Realtor for help!